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We're the Akerele's. For us YouTube is a mere hobby, a way to share our California lifestyle with family and friends. So I wouldn't label us YouTuber's, we don't want to insult the people that actually do this for a living. Nevertheless, we shoot when we shoot, with no set schedule or demands, therefore we're not obligated which makes doing vlogs pretty fun. Checkout our channel, subscribe and join our adventure.

Our Vlogs 

Quick trip back home and of course it was one for the books... 

A bit of fun with family over the week --Jurassic World at Universal Studios theater to be exact. 

The Pasadena Playhouse is celebrating a 100 years and they extend a block party to the community. A close friend recommended we check it out and it turned out to be well worth the visit. Fun, Food, People Watching and more... Take a look

Thanks to the folks over at and Big Sunday for sponsoring this entire excursion. It was nice to be seaside for the weekend.

My college roommate took off my sophomore year and headed to Florida. Now he has a desire to move to Los Angeles and has come out for the weekend for some of the Cali "GOOD" Life. From Day Parties to Sunset Blvd to Golf we got it in this weekend. 

Cruises are often a nice way to take a vacation because of the sheer convenience. Harmony of the Seas is a way to combine a vacation with adventure, relaxation, food and anything else you could imagine. This vlog will take you along our 7 day journey to St. Marteen, Pu...

Face it, if you owned a super car you would be smiling too. For those of us that don't, it's nice to have a friend who does. 

Enjoy the video! 

So we've been doing YouTube videos for a couple of years now. Nothing significant by any means, we just periodically record our adventures and share em'. Well time flies and here we are on our 3rd season. So be sure to Like, Comment and Subscribe and don't forget to jo...

Sometimes a night out with the guys is much needed. Add a bit of punching and a drink or two and you've got a good 

Luiz Ortiz vs. Deontay Wilder - Ended in spectacular fashion. 

Now onto the Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker fight March 31st, 2018. 

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